Friday, April 18, 2014

Quran Plus Update

This new update of the Quran plus come with new interface and lots of features.

•Beautiful Madinah and Majidi (Indo-Pak) renditions of the Mushaf
•Ayat-By-Ayat View to read ayats separately
•Choose from different translations in different languages – 13+ available
•Transliteration available to assist you in reading

•Ayat-by-Ayat view
•Word-by-Word view
•Extensive Root Word Database
•Extensive Synopsis of the Quran
•Explore the Quran by topics
•Excellent Quran Introduction by Juz and Surah
•Quran Memorization (Hifdth) tools. Repeat, Pause and play ayats

Beautiful Recitors Featured In Quran Plus : * Hudaihy
* Minshawy
* Abdullah Basfar
* Abu Bakr Ash Shatry
* Mishary
* Ghamdi
* Shurraim
* Sudais
* Al-Bukhatir
* Abdul Basit
* Muhammad Ayub
* Husary
* Pickthal (English Audio)
* Shamshad ( Urdu Audio )

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