Monday, March 3, 2014

Chance to Enjoy your SALAH

Why is this course important?

Salah is the core act of worship in Islam, and every Muslim strives to improve the quality of their prayer. The class aims to help you attain tranquility and understand every part of the prayer. Imagine if instead of speaking in a language that I understand and you understand, I had been reading something off a piece of paper or reciting something I memorized in a foreign language, let’s say Chinese.  Imagine if I had been reciting Chinese poetry to you for an hour, how long before you would stop paying attention?  10, 20, 30, 60 seconds?  Only a generous person would even listen for 60 seconds.  You wouldn’t be able to pay attention or focus, let alone conceptualizing and processing it and reflecting on it and pondering it.  You wouldn’t even be listening to what I was saying.
Salah is about reflection and pondering.  It is about comprehending and understanding.  It is about feeling what you are saying and then delving into it and being absorbed by the experience of the salah. This can only be done when you truly appreciate and understand what you are saying in the salah.

The schedule of the course will be as follows:
  • Each lessons will be about 1 hour in duration
  • New lessons will be posted Monday – Thursday at Noon 12pm CST
  • Once a lesson is posted it will remain accessible till the end of the course. This will allow students to catch up with and review previous lessons over the weekend.
  • There will be two 1 hour long live sessions with Shaykh Abdul Nasir where students qu
  • Students enrolled in Meaningful Prayer Online will continue to have access to the full course materials till April 28.
  • Each lesson will be in video and audio format and will correspond to the Meaningful Prayer textbook.
  • Students will have access to an exclusive forum where they can discuss and share notes on the course.
  • Students will also have access to a dedicated questions page where they can submit any questions they have about the course material.
It is for 85$ for the cource of 18 hours in total.
Who wan to know what we recite in SALAH, please sign up here...

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