Sunday, December 29, 2013

Noor Kids Magazine

The Noor Kids developed by the Two Haward students in USA. they are two brother Amin Aaser, 22 and Mohammed Aaser, 25. Its aims is to develop the faith as they grow up in the western society.

As mentioned at noor kid wesite, We seek to build confidence in the religious identity of little Muslims by engaging children with Islamic education, Muslim culture, and American integration. Our professionally designed books feature Islamic inspired stories and interactive activities.

How it started:

“She is due in four months,” my sister announced. I was going to be an uncle! But that night, as I thought about my childhood, I realized a bitter truth: I had been ashamed of my Muslim identity. Would my niece be ashamed of her identity as well? Not if I could help it.
That night, I relived painful memories. I had loved when my mom cheered during baseball games – but after 9/11, I became embarrassed of her headscarf and asked her to stop attending. Fasting had taught me gratitude – but, when friends asked about it, insecurity caused me to hide the Islamic intentions behind my practice. Time and again, I felt ashamed of my faith in front of my American peers.

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I wish I had not been so embarrassed of my identity. “What about my niece?” I thought to myself. I could not let her face the same challenges that I experienced. I began surveying parents at my mosque to see if they shared the concern. They did. Unanimously.
My brother and I found purpose:  let’s make sure that our children don’t experience the same challenges with their Muslim identity that we did. Six months later, we garnered support from Harvard to publish our first book. The rest, as they say, was history. (We’re a little older now… the picture was from a couple of years ago. **Many years ago :-p)

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