Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Islamic Lectures Apps for iPad, iPod and iPhone

صوتيات وذكر Wathakker Audios

A very beautiful and informative application to learn about the Islam. It has the Quranic recitation by different Qaris. The features that can involve you to listen to the different daily life problems and fiqah problems are discussed by the world rewound Muslim scholars.

There is option that you can download the lecture of your interest and listen to it when you are free. The application support both ipad and iphone in English and Arabic languages. These audios lectures are continuously updating. Few of the scholars are Abdur-Rehman green, Yusuf Estate, Bilal Philips, Muhammad Salah, Nouman Ali Khan, zakir Naik, Dr Laurence B.Brown and many more.

Its a free app.

Check this out to download via itunes.

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