Monday, November 14, 2011

Quranic Duas

An Excellant application for ipad, iphone and android phone, Pads, to memorixe the Quranic Duas for every one and specially children. The interface and graphics are very good and attractive for the kids.

Download it for FREE for limited time! Dua (Supplications and Remembrances) guide for Kids with audio recitation and cute illustrations.

Q Duas
















The software is developed by Yufid.

Yufid is a creative team. The word “Yufid” is inspired from the Arabic verb  “يفيد” of which can be translated as “to give an advantage”.

We have a dream, that one day, there will be a formation of moslem community power in each section of life, Insha Allah. This is not merely a dream, but this is our vision. The beginning step that we have taken to realise it is through tashfiyah and tarbiyah, which is through education path. At the moment, we are at the early stage to realise it.


The Suas are for different occasion Wake up, going to sleep, before eating almost 40 Supplication and you also listen to them in the voice of the kids. All have the tranlslation in english. This software is avaliable for in three languages, English, Arabic and Bahasa Indonesia.

For more product by the same developer visit yufid.

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