Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quran Word by Word English Translation

A very useful web site to learning the Meaning of Quran word by word in English.

There are option of different recitation and translation in other languages, but word by word is only in English. You can read Quran with Tajweed and in different fonts.

The AllahsQuran learn tool is provided by Your questions or suggestions are welcomed.

Word by Word: Narrated by Imam Zia

Albanian: Provided by and prepared by team

Azerbaijani: Narrated by Rasim Balayev. Provided and prepared by Huseyn Guliyev

Chinese: Provided by and prepared by team. Permission granted by

English: Narrated by Ibrahim Walk. Provided by

French: Narrated by Youssouf Leclerc. Provided by the original publisher. Exclusive permission granted only to AllahsQuran by

German: Narrated by Dr. Kai Lühr. Provided by Prepared by team

Persian: Narrated by Hidayatfar. Provided by

Spanish: Narrated by Noe Corrales. Provided by Exclusive permission granted only to AllahsQuran by original publisher

Urdu: Narrated by Shamshad Ali Khan. Provided by

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