Friday, January 28, 2011

Bait-ul-Mal Help via UIA


Dear Brother / Sister in Islam, 
Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Zakaat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It helps provide economic justice in society. Allah (swt) and His Messenger Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) instruct us that Zakaat purifies our wealth, so that it may increase more in a Halaal way. Your needy Muslim brothers and sisters deserve your Zakaat.

A pair of hands can support but a few. But when hundreds of thousands of helping hands come together… unitedly they can transform the face of society.

We, at the Islamic Research Foundation, invite people of revolutionary vision to uplift the state of the Muslim Ummah by joining hands and participating in the “United Islamic Aid”, a ‘Baitul Maal’, to club our Zakaat money systematically and open up an effective horizon of hope for our many underpriviledged Muslim brothers and sisters.

We do not ask for huge amounts or all of the Zakaat that you should give, but just a commitment of a minimum sum of only US Dollars 250/- or Indian Rupees 10,000/- or Saudi Riyals 1000/- or an equivalent amount PER YEAR to become a supporting member of the “United Islamic Aid”, for uplifting our fellow Muslims. If we can unite at least 100,000 such members, we will Insha-Allah collect a minimum of 25 Million US Dollars, which is a 100 Crore Indian Rupees, PER YEAR.

With this unique well-organized central treasury, a ‘Baitul Maal’, called the “United Islamic Aid”, under my personal supervision, we can change the lives of so many unfortunate Muslims for the better… in a more dynamic and organized way. Wouldn’t you like to be a member of this ‘Baitul Maal’ revolution to help our deserving and needy Muslim brothers and sisters more effectively and efficiently?

If so, you and your family members can become members of the “United Islamic Aid” by contributing your Zakaat by Cheque / Demand Draft / Cash to “IRF United Islamic Aid”,  56/58  Tandel Street  (N),  Dongri,  Mumbai - 400009,  India,  or  by Bank Transfer to  A/c No. 00120200000949,  IFSC-DCBL 0000001.  Development Credit Bank,  Mumbai  Main  Office, Mumbai, India, and kindly inform us of the same. You  may  visit  ou r website or  kindly telephone Brother Manzoor Shaikh on 0091-22-23736875 for questions or clarifications.

Eagerly looking forward to your kind and positive response, Insha-Allah. 
Yours brotherly in the service of Islam,

Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik
Servant of Allah

United Islamic Aid

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