Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Quran iphone ipad and ipod

Alhamdullah a Very nice application of Quran to learn, memorize, and understand in different translation.
My Quran
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Search the apple application store ''my quran fir ipad and downlod it.

Its avaliable in english and urdu translation.
Some of the reviews by people.
This is hands down the best Quran app available - Others are quite a bit behind”

“The best quranic app ever, I have never seen this kind of extreme detail at the same time is very easy to use, keep up the good work.”

“Alhamdulillah, the latest update is awesome!!! Best Quran app out!”

"I love the pronunciation tool and it has helped me so much with recitation and memorization. The tafseer application is amazing in terms of on-the-go referral or an in-depth study of the Quran. The Root words feature has also been great in helping me understand the arabic more....I find myself recognizing the words and getting the general gist of an ayat! I find this extraordinary as I have never been able to do this before...I love the fact that so much info and knowledge is literally at my fingertips..."

With compliments to Salik production.

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