Sunday, June 20, 2010

Make a Team to donate the poor one

Akhuwat is one of the organization that giving the small loans to the poor people without any interest rate. for this the organizations needs our donations.  on its website see the deatils.
For example

My name is Luddan Khan. I am a 55 year old man, and the sole bread earner of my family of six. I started my own business venture eight years ago. However despite working tirelessly, I am still not able to make my ends meet with the Rs. 6000 I get out of my business every month. Therefore I wish to expand my business in order to live comfortably, and for that I need a loan of Rs. 20,000.

Like him there are others who need our help.
You can make your own account or join the one of the team of the Akhuwat or pay them via a cheque.

Please have a look at it and help the needy people.

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