Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1st Pakistani Anti virus Instant Virus Killer

  • Recover and repair corrupt Word , Excel , Access document which gets corrupted due to virus attacks, unexpected system shutdown etc.

  • It continuously protects your Windows and Data from any known or unknown software problems & viruses without requiring you to do any thing.

  • Instant Virus Killer is the World's 1st Antivirus that can detect the USB viruses immediately without any scanning on just insertion of USB to your system.

  • It recovers your PC in 10 Seconds even if Windows wont start up.i-e:- ( Accidentally deleted Windows files or Virus attack )

  • Fix everyday problems caused by user’s or viruses, without having to wait for available IT Engineer’s or suffering from Business down time.

Instant Virus Killer does not restrict access and is transparent to users, giving them complete control of the machine and thereby enhancing the end users experience. Giving them the ability to utilize complete system resources.

Freedom for the users to experiment without penalty or permanency.

Eliminates common negative consequences for user experimentation.

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