Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who is not Terrorist......................

A Muslim who attacks military targets, including in war zones or even in their own countries that have been invaded by a foreign army, are Terrorists.& nbsp;
A non-Muslim who flies an airplane into a government building in pursuit of a political agenda is not, or at least is not a Real Terrorist with a capital T — not the kind who should be tortured and thrown in a cage with no charges and assassinated with no due process.  
Nor are Christians who stand outside abortion clinics and murder doctors and clinic workers. 
Nor are acts undertaken by us or our favored allies designed to kill large numbers of civilians or which will recklessly cause such deaths as a means of terrorizing the population into desired behavioral change — the Glorious Shock and 
Awe campaign and the pummeling of Gaza. 
Except as a means for demonizing Muslims, the word is used so inconsistently and manipulatively that it is impoverished of any
discernible meaning.

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