Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Akhuwat..............Bahi Chara


A prosperous nation where every citizen is provided with an equitable opportunity to grow.


of an interest free Micro Finance System, which focuses on empowering
the economically marginalized, is in consonance with the local needs,
and can be replicated. 


  • Provision
    of microfinance services to the under privileged males/females in the
    urban areas of Pakistan willing to engage in economic activities
  • Creating avenues for self-employment and broadening the scope of opportunities available to the marginalized/borrowers.
  • Capacity building of the borrowers, as successful entrepreneurs, with a view to make them economically self-reliant.
  • Promoting linkages of the economically and socially marginalized with other service providers in public and private sector.
  • Serving economically active poor irrespective of religious or political affiliation.
  • Promoting
    the concept of microfinance as an important strategy for poverty
    alleviation and supporting replication of interest free microfinance
    model in the urban centers.


    • Experience of more than eight years.
    • Trained workforce of more 80 employees.
    • Equipped with fully developed policies, processes and systems.
    • Support of more than 500 local donors.
    • Registered with Government of the Punjab and Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP).
    • Registered with Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN).
    • Enviable growth in last seven years.
    • Loan Recovery rate of 99.50%.
    • No discrimination on the basis of religion, political affiliation, caste, colour or ethnicity.
    • No interest, profit or loan processing fee charged from the borrower.

Join it and see here for more details.

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