Tuesday, August 18, 2009

USA Largest and biggest Conselate in Pakistan

Its shame on us, our leaders, our analysts and army. No one is speaking about .........
Why Why Why?????????

  • Why does the US need to build the largest embassy in the world in Islamabad–almost as big as that of Iraq?
  • Why is the US purchasing the Pearl Continental Hotel and make it into a Consulate?
  • Why is the US taking over most of Saddar in Karachi to expand the Consulate and shut off major traffic?
  • Are these embassies or are they Cantonments?–imperial outposts to run the country and monitor the Nuclear program?
  • The USA is going to build all this the 30 acare land in Islamabad.
  • There will be a new Gwantnama in Pakistan, where the USA army investigates the pakistani.

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American aid for Pakistan: Half the aid is for upgrading US embassies

The number of Marines Washington intends to station in Islamabad for
security of its embassy is being widely discussed by various sections.
– File photo Provinces

ISLAMABAD: In what could be a recipe for a new controversy, the
United States will spend nearly one billion dollars from its $2.4
billion war supplement aid for Pakistan on the construction and
fortification of its new embassy in Islamabad and additional staffing
of the mission, in what is seen here as a departure from the usual
practice of using State Department finances for such projects.

Under a programme to strengthen its presence in Pakistan, the US
will bring here about 1,000 personnel, including a large number of

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