Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to update and backup Drivers

Here is the free version of software that can be used to backup and checks the updates for the all drivers installed in your computer.

Driver Checker will repair more than 98% of device driver problems,
such as broken drivers, blue screen, and comprehensively improve its
potential performance.
Driver Checker will optimize your graphics card to give your game-play maximum performance.
Driver Checker will lower the probability of errors like Hardware
Conflict, driver file loss and others to boost your PC efficiency.

Driver Checker will detect unknown devices to avoid leaving your useless equipment.
Driver Checker will remove the installed drivers that you no longer
need to save valuable disk space while keeping your device clean and
Checker will scan your system and display the update option to help
enjoy the latest version drivers and optimize your computer.
Checker will get detailed information of the hardware drivers in a few
second and you will have more controls of your PC.
Driver Checker provides you with the One-Click Backup and Restore
option to easily repair, optimize and protect your computer so you can
get your running Windows back when you have a problem.

Click here is to Download.

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