Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Double Standards of the West


European Muslims faced another hate crime with killing of a headscarved woman by a German man in a court room on on July 1st, German and Egyptian media reported.

A 28-year old German man stabbed Egyptian national Marwa Sherbini 18 times in Dresden courthouse before she gives evidence against court appeal.

Marwa Sherbini, a 32-year-old Egyptian national was suing her attacker after he insulted her for wearing the Islamic headscarf.
Sherbini stood in court to give evidence against court appeal before German man took out a knife and stabbed her 18 times.
Marwa took her 3-year old son Mostapha to play in a Dresden park. A German man, identified only as Axel W, insulted her because of wearing headscarf and called her a "terrorist". She filed a case against him in German courts after the incident.

Here are the Double Standards, no news in the main stream media about this. Most of our leader and liberal society members protest and have meeting  against the Flogging of a Swati lady. But no Pakistani political leader, liberal society or NGO protest this event. CNN, Aljeezera and other TV has show the killing of the Iranian Lady thousands times but never talk about this Killing of Egyptian Muslim women who was killed in the Court.
Look the Double Standards and Media control.

Bothe are the same who are flogging on the Swati girl and German who attack with dagger on a women in court in front of her child.


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