Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Youngest Pakistani writer

This is the youngest pakistani writer only 12 years old who wrote ''The Quill''
Her father is the professor of Anatomy and mother is a Gynaecologist at Quaid-azam Medical College Bhwalpur, Pakistan.

The task appears to be impossible. But if you have solid determination
plus talent, you can perform even miracles. The word ‘impossible’ is
not in the dictionary of 12-year-old Anam Fatima. There was a constant
itch in her hands to hold the pen to pour out her heart on the paper.
So one fine day, she got hold of a pen and kept on writing and writing
for a good six months. The result was a voluminous novel “The Quill”.
It was not easy for her to write 760-page novel due to the great burden
of studies. But somehow she kept on writing by devoting a bit of time
to her novel each day. The journey was arduous but she did not

Her elder sister Mehak Fatima was always besides her who encouraged her
a lot. Initially her parents did not know about her plan to write a
book. They only came to know of it after she had finished it.

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