Sunday, May 17, 2009

Free Voip

We welcome you to - A revolutionary new concept to let you connect and call absolutely anyone, anywhere on earth - for FREE!

With, You don't have to worry about international call rates and call durations anymore!

Please feel free to go through our FAQs and do not forget to Register to use our services!

You can use it with fring.

How to setup on Mobile?

1. Create a Connect2Pk account. To register a new account, click here.

2. Download a copy of Fring from

3. After installation, load SIP Service Setup
menu from Options -> Settings -> Manage Communities > SIP >
Other. A configuration screen would appear as shown below.

4. Enter username as (e.g.

5. Type in your Connect2Pk account password and leave the SIP proxy field empty.

6. You are all ready to go!

7. To get started, ask your caller (within pakistan) to dial our number from the mapped number.

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