Sunday, April 26, 2009

Allah Knows


Check this website listen to most amazing songs about Allah Muhammad PBUH.

A CD for the young (and the young at heart). ‘AIol Kno feoh.xes the musical tdenls of Dciwud WharnsbyA, Abdul-Malik Ahmad and RasNd Bhikha. , additiOn to introducing Naodiro Alli and the young Muharrrnad Bhikha w4,o mdes his first recording debut on this album.
The alburft is a collection or i 0 songs to help ldds through the early mysteries or life and the social challenges that present thetmelves to much of them, it is a gound breaking approach to tackling the questions of a youthful rrwnd and the innocent hearts of our chilcfren.
The CD version includes 19 tracks wlh alt tracks kiich contain drurr as voice only versions as well.

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