Monday, February 16, 2009


Interclue gives you a handy way to get an idea of what's at the end of a link before you click on it. It can give you:

  • hints about what sort of content there is
  • a summary of the text on a Web page
  • a small snapshot of the page
  • sizes and dates of linked files
  • useful statistics and metadata
  • actions such as save or email
  • players for audio and video files
  • and more. Check the options!

addition, if you have a list of links to deal with, Interclue can help
you quickly scan through the important links on the current page
without you having to repeatedly visit new pages and return to the list.

Using Interclue is simple:

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over a link to make Linkclue icons appear, giving an indication of what the link will do.
  2. Hover
    the mouse over a Linkclue icon to get a Clueview which can show an
    enhanced summary of the linked page or play the linked file.
  3. interclue_frontpage
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