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Evolution theory is not a theory based on scientific
facts but an ideological system that brought all
kinds of disasters to the world. With the spread of
Darwinism people believing Ôman is created by
GodÕ have begun to think that ÔMan existed by chance, and
is an animal who developed with the fight for survival.Õ
Darwin had one basic premise when developing his theory:
ÔThe living things develop with the fight for survival.
The strong win the struggle. The weak are condemned to
Darwin was inspired by the British economist Thomas
MalthusÕs book An Essay on the Principle of Population.
Left to their own devices, Malthus calculated that the human
population increased rapidly.. In short, according to this brutal
claim, some people had to die for others to live.
Influenced by these ideas, Darwin applied this conflict
concept to nature, and proposed that the fittest emerged victorious
from this war of existence. Furthermore, he invited
people to abandon their religious beliefs by denying creation.
As Darwinism fed racism in the 19th century, it formed
the basis of an ideology that developed and drowned the
world in blood in the 20th century: Nazism.
While fascists are on the right wing of Social Darwinism,
communists are on the left. Marx and Engels were amazed at
the Ôdialectical materialistÕ attitude in DarwinÕs The Origin
of Specieswhich claimed that living things are the product of
chance, and provided a so-called scientific support for atheism.
Communism, an atheist ideology, is hence firmly tied to
Considering the communist concept of Ôdialectical conflict,
Õ which killed some 120 million people throughout the
20th century, then we can better understand the dimension of
the disaster that Darwinism visited on the planet.1
Besides the above mentioned ideologies Darwinism
defines an Ôethical understandingÕ, that influence various
world views. The fundamental concept behind this conception
is Ôfighting those who are not of us.Õ
The horror called terrorism, the idea of Òman as a fight -
ing animalÓ which Darwinism has subconsciously imposed
on people has been particularly influential. Individuals and
groups choosing the way of conflict may never have heard of
Darwinism and its principles. Yet they agree with a view
whose philosophical basis rests on Darwinism.
The three divine religions that most people in the world
believe in, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, all oppose violence.
All wish to bring peace and harmony to the world, and
oppose innocent people being killed and suffering cruelty
and torture.
Consequently, the root of the terrorism that plagues our
planet is not any of the divine religions, but is in atheism and
its modern expressions: ÔDarwinismÕand Ômaterialism

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