Saturday, November 1, 2008

25/50 GB Hard

pureSilicon's rugged Renegade SSDs may be tough as nails, but if you're lookin' to start up your own video-on-demand server or online transaction processing center, you may want to look Samsung's way. The outfit has just announced that it's mass producing 25GB and 50GB Enterprise SSDs, which are designed for "performance-optimized server applications." Sammy proclaims that the SLC-based drives have around "twice the random write performance of its standard 32GB and 64GB SLC SSDs," and better still, they consume less than 25% of the power of a 2.5-inch 15k SAS HDD. More specifically, this duo will provide 100 times the number of IOPS per watt as a typical 15K 2.5-inch SAS HDD and five times the number of IOPS per dollar as a 10K 2.5-inch SCSI HDD. Not surprisingly, Samsung doesn't bother dishing out prices, but you can expect to pay top dollar given the abuse these are built to withstand.

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