Saturday, October 25, 2008

Most favourate TV Program in Pakistan

We conducted a survey in August 2008 through our visitors about the current affairs programs on different TV Channels. Results of the survey has been compiled and summarized below.

A total of 854 votes were cast, where every user was asked to tell us the top 10 programs of his choice, out of which the first 5 were mandatory. The ratings were calculated by using weights for each position of the choice in descending order.

For instance, we counted the number of times Live with Talat was voted in top position, 2nd position and so on. We used 10 as weight for the top choice position, 9 for second and so on until “1″ weight for last position.

The ratings for the top 6 programs are fairly accurate as per the choice of visitors of PKPolitics. The ratings for lower 4 programs are not so accurate due to the fact that the last 5 options were optional, as well as PKPolitics does not publish most of these programs regularly.

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