Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Note Zilla

NoteZilla is an elegant Sticky Notes Software for Windows. Just as we use paper sticky notes (eg. 3M Post-It® Notes), NoteZilla lets you create virtual sticky notes on your Windows Desktop and organize them in to folders.

The most attractive capability of NoteZilla is that it lets you stick notes to websites, documents, programs or any window.

Save Time: Desktop sticky notes are the best way to quickly write down what's on your mind. With no effort you can create and manage them without changing your current flow of activities.

Stay Neat: Organize sticky notes inside folders to avoid clutter on your Windows Desktop.

Stress Less: Attach a sticky note to any document, website, program or window. Great advantage!

Add Convenience: Treat sticky notes as tasks, reminders or memos. NoteZilla presents an easy and intuitive way of doing this.

Get Amazed: Finding a note quickly is as important as writing a note. NoteZilla lets you locate the right sticky note instantly.

Feel Pleasant: These computer sticky notes look awesome on your Windows desktop. Insert pictures inside Sticky Notes. Sticky Notes are skinnable and they can appear transparent too.

Add Mobility: Synchronize sticky notes with MS-Outlook. Transfer your notes to any PDA Handheld/Mobile device via MS-Outlook. You can also sync notes directly with a Palm OS device.

Get Lighter: NoteZilla intelligently manages your PC memory and resources. It is a small program (< 4 MB).


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