Friday, March 21, 2008

Halal Food Guide for Mobile Phones


Be confident about what you eat! Get the FREE Halal/Haram food guide now for your mobile phone! Search for an ingredient or an e-code (emulsifier code) to find out whether it's halal or haram. Get it now for Java-enabled phones, Smartphones, Pocket PCs, Blackberry devices and Symbian OS.

Colour Coded List
Don't have time to click and then read through explanation of why an ingredient is Halal or Haram? Look at the color of the item on the main menu to tell what it is: GREEN is for Halal, RED is for Haram, PURPLE is for Depends (i.e. an ingredient that can either be Halal or Haram depending upon its source) and BLACK is Mushbooh.

Download it Halal Food guide for mobile phones

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