Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Zaky Baby Pillows

A Texas mother, motivated by demands from her newborn son for some
comfy peace and quiet, developed the Zaky pillow specifically to give
babies the warm touch.

Benefits of the pillow according to the manufacturer:

  • The size and weight simulates the hand and touch of the parent.

  • It may be used on top, around and under the baby to provide boundaries (except on the face)

  • Babies feel reassured as if someone is touching them, which assists in their need of feeling protected

  • It assists nurses and care givers as she can leave the Zakys with each baby

  • Parents feel as they are leaving their hands with their baby, helping them feel more involved in the care of the patient

  • May be warmed in the towel warmer at hospitals and on the dryer at home

  • It is a transitional item for babies, helping them in different
    environments. It gives something constant and familiar reducing the
    baby's anxiety when experiencing different lighting, scents, sounds,
    temperature, etc.(within the hospital, from the hospital to the house,
    in the car seat, from the house to someone else's house, to child-care,

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    Anonymous said...

    where can you buy it?!

    lisa said...

    where can we get this/ buy it?

    Unknown said...

    Hi Lisa

    You can buy it on line check this link to buy it.

    Other option is check this site and search for the ''Zaky baby pillows''.

    The price ranges from 900 to 1200 for different types of pillow.