Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cown A3 gets reviewed

It's been quite a while since caught our first glimpses of what purported to be the Cowon A3, but it looks like the device's natural gadget news cycle is finally drawing to a close, with the usual in the wild and unboxing shots now followed by one of the first reviews. According to gadgetaholic.com, however, it seems like this particular product has been worth the wait, with the A3 making up for what it lacks (WiFi and Bluetooth) with sheer versatility, including support for seemingly every audio and video format one could want. The fact that it also has a "gorgeous" 4-inch LCD screen and an apparently intuitive interface doesn't hurt either. About the only downsides the site could find were the lack of a remote control (which would have been handy given the unit's TV-out functionality), and the absence of a synced-up TV schedule for recording (you'll have to make do with timed recordings instead). Still, for about $350 or $400 depending on your storage needs, it seems like this one is a solid bet.

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